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Our services empower you to kick-off strategic projects with a well-defined and flexible framework that allows for iterative improvements and adjustments as needed.

  • Product marketing
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Website & programs
  • Operation & planning
  • Logistics & fulfillment
  • Payment & risk-control

+ Branding & Marketing

With our comprehensive brand management solution, you can establish a strong and consistent brand identity by maintaining continuous communication with your target audience.

  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Content strategy
  • Media planning
  • Manage touchpoints
  • Foster brand loyalty

+ Omnichannel Expansion

With our end-to-end solution, you can seamlessly manage all aspects of your commerce lifecycle and ensure your business is positioned for success in today's competitive market.

  • Pricing strategy
  • Omnichannel waterfall management
  • Regional go-to-market strategy
  • Commerce lifecycle P&L
  • Marketplace opeartion
  • Product localization

+ Digital Transformation

Having a strong digital foundation is essential to feeling confident in today's business landscape. It serves as a map to navigate future growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Behavior tracking
  • Performance tracking
  • Transactions tracking
  • Logistics tracking
  • Customer data platform
  • Business intelligence

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“作为国际化道路上深度合作伙伴,Fastlane 一直用专业为我们解决数字化转型问题,希望见证彼此的辉煌!”

Bing Du

“作为 Shopify Plus 的官方伙伴,Fastlane 已经在中国大陆取得领先,期待大家向全球领先迈进,咱们一起加油!”

Senior Partner Manager | Shopify

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Roborock is committed to innovation in researching, developing, and producing home cleaning devices, particularly robotic, cordless, and wet/ dry vacuum cleaners. Every Roborock product has been designed with an eye on solving genuine problems, so Roborock customers can live better lives. Currently, Roborock is available in more than 40 countries, including the U.S., Germany, France, and Spain. The company operates out of four locations, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

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Life in FastlaneDec 25, 2022

[Block Test]

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. As the year 2020 winds to a close

AuthorLucas Liao
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Just do itDec 25, 2022


今天抛出一个话题,为何用户洞察这么难呢?我们来聊聊从社会心理学观点看,虚假普遍性心理是普遍存在的,我们总以为我们的想法,大多数都是这么想的。我们产品这么好,价格也不贵,我喜欢所以客户也喜欢。人都喜欢简单思考,因为 A 所以 B,缺少系统性思考。胖,那么就少吃,可是你节食也并不能减肥。

Ivy Deng
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Just do itJun 30, 2021

实操:独立站做 DTC 品牌的一些经验

出海市场格局进一步清晰化,马太效应加剧。Fastlane 作为服务商,观察到很多品牌企业出海,以及很多成功出海的优秀企业。同行交流,经常被问到的问题:作为初创品牌如何在海外从0到1建立呢?结合我们服务过的一些全案客户,第一步就是建立自己的品牌官网,总结一些出基于官网可以做的一些经验与大家分享。

Ivy Deng
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